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Contact: Grace Matthews
(858) 576-0397 phone/fax (M-TH 9am-4pm Pacific time)

See Ms. Ringgold’s images, biography, chronology, awards, hear and download her Anyone Can Fly song, and see a video excerpt from a past lecture.


Ms Ringgold’s program for includes a 2 hour slide lecture, followed by Q and A and one book signing. The program can be modified for children. Ms. Ringgold’s schedule should not exceed a four hour block of time. Select one of the following lecture titles:


Faith Ringgold: More than 60 years
In this survey lecture Ms. Ringgold begins in the early 1960’s with political imagery and first hand accounts about the civil rights movement in the “American People Series.” Her inspiring, often humorous and always very human stories will illustrate her life’s work as an artist, activist, author, teacher and parent through the evolution of an awesome body of work that contains more than 100 paintings. Images from the Women on a Bridge Series, 1988, The French Collection, 1991, The American Collection, 1997 and the Coming to Jones Rd Series 2000 will be included. Ms. Ringgold will customize this lecture to focus on a specific painting series or related theme as per your request.

Faith Ringgold: Story Quilts and Children’s Books

This lecture focuses on storytelling and the combination of image and text. It begins with the story quilts of the 1980’s, and moves between images from books to images on quilts. Hear the story about how Ms. Ringgold’s first children’s book, Tar Beach began as a painting and evolved into an award-winning children’s book. Adults may request to hear the dramatic story of; The Bitternest Series, The Change Series or Street Story Quilt. Young children can sing “Anyone Can Fly”, hear about Martin Luther King, If a bus Could Talk: the Story of Rosa Parks and Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad in the Sky. This lecture is great for educators and children and will be tailored to fit your audience.

Follow this link to watch a video of Ms. Ringgold’s lecture.

Art making workshops

The American Dream quilt making workshop, Kuba in the classroom, and the portrait wrap doll workshop are hands on creative workshops designed for educators and children. Each workshop will be tailored to fit your needs. Grace Matthews will work with your venue to design your program and Ms. Matthews accompany Ms. Ringgold to assist when a workshop is requested.


HONORARIUM: one day: $10,000. and the cost of a 2nd consecutive day is: $8,000.00.

For lecture appearances outside the USA add $3000 (subject to change).

Plus all fees for: transportation, hotel and meals. The honorarium is to be paid the same day as the lecture to Faith Ringgold, Inc, which is a corporation registered in the state of NJ. Your state should not withhold taxed from that payment.

Ms Ringgold will have an assistant travel with her and those expenses must also be accommodated.

Appearance (no lecture)
The fee for an appearance with no lecture, performance or interview and outside of the local NJ/NYC area, where travel is required is $3,000.

The fee for local appearances in NJ/NYC (within a 2 hour travel distance of Ms. Ringgold’s home) where no lecture, no performance and/or no speaking and no nterview is requested is $2000.00 and transportation must be provided.

The fee for a hands on art-making workshop which may only be booked with a lecture is an additional $4000.00 plus the cost of materials. When a workshop is booked Grace Matthews will attend to all the details and will travel to your venue to facilitate the workshop along with Ms. Ringgold. Additional expenses will include Grace’s travel, hotel, and cost of materials.

Skype in the Classroom – Learn More
The fee for a virtual Q and A visit Skype in the Classroom is $500.