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Faith Ringgold Dies at 93

Wove Black Life Into Quilts and Children’s Books -The New York Times


Remembering Faith Ringgold 1930-2024

Anyone can fly. All you need is somewhere to go that you cant get to any other way. The next thing you know, you're flying among the stars. - Faith Ringgold, "Tar Beach" (1991)



Atlanta Series: Screaming Woman, 1981

Atlanta Series: Save Our Children in Atlanta, 1981

Atlanta Series: Atlanta Children, 1981

The Wake and Resurrection of the Bicentennial Negro, 1976

Mrs. Jones and Family, 1973

Women’s Liberation Talking Mask: Witch Series #1, 1973

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Videos & Media

Within the media library you will find interviews and discussions with Faith Ringgold. Learn more about the history, styles and techniques, throughout Faiths’ career and life.

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Who is Faith Ringgold?

Faith Ringgold, painter, writer, speaker, mixed media sculptor and performance artist lives and works in Englewood, New Jersey. Ms Ringgold is professor emeritus at the University of California, San Diego where she taught art from 1987 until 2002. Professor Ringgold is the recipient of more than 75 awards including 22 Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degrees.

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