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Exhibition Catalogues and Invitations, Puzzles and Cards, Books
A list of available books, puzzles, note cards and exhibition catalogues and invitations. Click on title to see image.
ID# Year Title/Description Dimesions Media Price Image
Exhibition Catalogues
Cat/011984 1984 Studio Museum: Twenty Years of Painting, Sculpture and Performance (1963-1983) $45.00
Cat/021990 1990 Faith Ringgold: A 25 Year Survey, Fine Arts Museum of Long Island $50.00
Exhibition Invitations
INV/011990 1990 Faith Ringgold, A 25 Year Survey, Fine Arts Museum of Long Island $15.00
INV/021995a 1995 Children's Stories by Faith Ringgold, Athenaeum Music and Arts Library $15.00
INV/031995b 1995 40 Years of Selected Works, ACA Galleries $15.00
PUZ/011994 1994 The Sunflowers Quilting Bee at Arles 14 x 18" 500 pieces $30.00
PUZ/021999 1987 Subway Graffiti #3 14 7/8 x 18 1/8" 500 pieces $30.00
Note Cards
Cards/10 Unboxed 1995 2 each of 5 pictures from children's stories (Tar Beach, 1991 Aunt Harriet, 1992 and Aunt Connie, 1993)   Plastic wrapped $20.00
Cards/20 Boxed 1999 Keep-it Box, 5 each of 4 quilts, The Sunflowers Quilting Bee at Arles, 1991; The Dinner Quilt, 1986; Groovin' High 1986, and Mother's Quilt 1983 5.5h x 7.5w x 2d" Magnetized box $25.00
Book/011991 1991 Tar Beach, Crown   Hardcover sold out
Book/021996a 1996 Bonjour Lonnie!, Hyperion Press   Library Hardcover $75.00
Book/031996b 1996 Talking to Faith Ringgold, Crown   Library Hardcover sold out
Book/041998 1998 The Invisible Princess, Crown   Hardcover $50.00
Book/051999 1999 If a Bus Could Talk, Simon & Schuster   Hardcover $25.00
Book/061993 1993 Faith Ringgold, The Portraits of Women Artists for Children, Little, Brown & Co.   School Hardcover sold out
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